Hartman's Hip Helper**

A Dog Harness for canine mobility which allows your support and assistance to dogs who are disabled or crippled due to hip dysplasia, degenerative myelopathy, arthritis, spinal injuries, surgery, or other conditions.


The one harness which allows for full body support and can remain on your dog!

Now your canine buddy can contently remain by your side.



Maggi Mae demonstrating the comfort of the harness


Dulci Jo after Surgery


Dulci Jo receiving my assistance

 with Maggi Mae's supervision

For dogs weak in their rear


The Chest & Rear legs have fleece padding which will prevent sores so proven by Dulci Jo who had her legs shaved & also wore Hartman's Harness 24/7.

Neck, chest, back length, & each hip - individually adjustable.

One harness takes almost three hours from the cutting to sewing to correctly create!!

*Patent No. 5,845,606